T2 Hotels in Pattaya by Aspira hotels and resorts Thailand

Bangkok I Krabi I Pattaya T2 Hotels T2 Hotels is Aspira’s newest ground-up brand focused on the rapidly growing economy tier and three-star hospitality segment in Thailand. T2’s focus is on the millennial traveler, who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices. T2 has the full power of Aspira behind it and the […]


iCheck Inn Hotels by Aspira hotels and resorts Thailand

Bangkok I Phuket iCheck inn Hotels We celebrate this year our 10th year anniversary! The stylishly designed hotels where the little extras don’t cost extra! A non-standardized economy and design brand aimed at all those who are looking for “the best of the best,” iCheck inn offers great stays with comfortable bedding, room only and […]


Syama Hotels in Bangkok by Aspira hotels and resorts Thailand

Syam Hotels is a luxury hotel brand with world-class amenities and exceptional hospitality services. Our hotels are strategically located in popular destinations worldwide, providing easy access to cultural, entertainment, and business centers. Our suites feature luxurious furnishings, high-speed internet, and state-of-the-art technology. Our on-site restaurants and bars offer a blend of local and international cuisine in a relaxing ambiance. Whether traveling for business or leisure, book your stay with Syam Hotels today for an unparalleled experience that exceeds your expectations.

GLOW Hotels

Glow Sukhumvit Soi 71 by Aspira hotels and resorts in Bangkok

GLOW HotelsGLOW Sukhumvit 71GLOW HotelsGlow Sukhumvit 5 GLOW Hotels GLOW was created for today’s modern travelers who are ready for anything and seek fun, avant-garde experiences—bright lights and city vibes that tingle the senses, or stunning sunsets that create the most epic of selfies. Upper-midscale remains a fast-growing segment of the hospitality market, and the […]


Studio Hotels by Aspira hotels and resorts Thailand

Practical, convenient, economical, yet stylish accommodation in Bangkok Studio Hotels Practical, convenient, economical, yet stylish accommodation is the focus of all our Studio properties. With Studio, we aim to provide best guaranteed rates, delivering restful sleep at night and reenergizing mornings along with a positive environment. Simple stays at super affordable rates! Studio hotels are […]


Aspira Hotels and Resorts in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya & Krabi in Thailand

Premium & extended stay Hotels & Residences in Bangkok & Samui Aspira Hotels Positioned in the midscale economy tier and four-star hospitality segments, the Aspira hotel brand offers non-standardized hotels and residences in Bangkok with between 50 and 150 rooms, featuring more services and facilities like gyms, swimming pools, city shuttles, and F&B services. Servicing […]