Koh Samui, the third-largest island in Thailand and the principal island among an archipelago of over 80, is renowned for its diverse attractions. Among them is the Ang Thong National Marine Park, an expansive kayaking haven and a delightful day trip destination from Ko Samui. Despite its compact size, the island boasts numerous beaches and a wide array of activities. In addition to its abundant natural beauty, Koh Samui is steeped in history and culture. Activities on the island cater to various interests, including cooking courses, yoga sessions, Muay Thai training, scuba diving, and golf. While there are tranquil beaches ideal for relaxation, such as those surrounding some of the world’s finest 5-star resorts, others exude an old-world charm, as seen in Bo Phut with its converted Chinese shophouses. Over the years, Ko Samui has transformed into a vibrant and exciting destination, offering a blend of natural wonders and a plethora of activities for the ultimate beach holiday.

Nestled in the northern part of the island, Aspira Samui provides a comfortable base for exploration. The southern parts of the island offer unique experiences, including:

Wat Phra Yai

Situated at the northern end of Samui, Wat Phra Yai showcases a modern 15m-high golden Buddha in the Mara posture. Erected in 1972, the statue, with its silhouette against the tropical sky, offers breathtaking views, especially during sunset.

Fisherman’s Village

Bo Phut’s concentration of narrow Chinese shophouses has been transformed into trendy boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. The accompanying beach, particularly the western part, boasts fine sands and lush surroundings, creating a charming atmosphere.
Ang Thong National Marine Park at Koh Samui

Ang Thong National Marine Park

A highlight of Koh Samui, this archipelago of 42 islands features rugged landscapes, limestone cliffs, caves, jungles, lakes, waterfalls, coral reefs, lagoons, and sandy beaches—all connected by the vibrant blue ocean.

Koh Samui’s Beautiful Beaches

No visit to Koh Samui is complete without exploring its picturesque beaches. Chaweng Beach, the most popular, offers attractions and vibrant nightlife. Lamai Beach, the second most popular, provides a less crowded and more relaxing environment. Coral Cove Beach is perfect for snorkeling, hidden in a small bay behind a hotel. Choeng Mon Beach, located in the north near the Big Buddha, features nice hotels and beach bars. Finally, Lipa Noi Beach stands out as the most kid-friendly, with shallow, clear waters and minimal coral or rocks.


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